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Green Mango Treat

My highschool bestfriend who lives in Florida messaged me this morning asking for my mailing address because she misplaced her address book. I didn't hesitate giving it to her because she needs it to send me some of her fresh harvest of these yummy green mangoes, picked up from her own backyard!

Isn't that a treat?

  photo 1mangg_zps10b0de69.jpg

It makes me so excited right now as I wait for these to be delivered. Gosh, I never thought that I can have a taste of real green mangoes here in the US! I said "real" because those that I have tasted from my purchases in Asian stores didn't really taste like the green mangoes that we have back home in Philippines.

Well, my friend Sashing told me that these do taste like it-- crunchy and sour and perfect for a salty and sour sauce! Yum! I am drooling just thinking about it!

I so thank my bestfriend for sending me some. I promised her I'll just send her some Spanish bread when I can make some this coming Sunday. Call that a trade! Lol.
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