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Play Hut for More Girls' Fun

The year 2013 has come and soon, it will go and leave us not one but a lot of memories to hold and cherish. Time flies by so fast indeed! After tomorrow, the second last month of the year is here and then another new year is soon to be seen in the horizon. I don't know about you but for me, I find it a pleasure to gift my daughters with extra stuff that is worth their smiles. This time, it is the play hut from Lalaloopsy which I got from Kmart; thanks to the sale price I was able to take advantage of!

 photo 524571_10201978415199489_472135054_n_zps94146c61.jpg

Such a perfect treat for my girls who will spending the coming four days without their Daddy as he is bound for Texas for a very important matter to attend to. I don't know yet how our days would go but I trust that we will do alright. Besides, this play hut is a good remedy for their boredom, if ever, since these girls love to play and have fun!
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