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Hello April!

So, it is officially April! Yay!

Where did the first three months of the year go? Time and again, they all came and left like they were in a hurry! Although another set of challenges are going to be around, today, I dare those challenges to come and bring it on! Ha ha! You see, it has been a very long and grueling winter season for us, and come summer, it is going to be the opposite as well-- very hot, as we will be moving and starting a new life in Texas! That's right, we are leaving Wisconsin soon and Texas will be our new home state.

Can you imagine us beating the summer heat then? Hmmm... it is but really exciting to think about it!

For now, we are enjoying the start of a warmer season here in Central Wisconsin. The ground still has ice left but a 50F temperature is already warm enough for us to start our activities for the warm season.

 April in Central WI
We are deeply overjoyed and grateful for all the things that have taken place in the past three months of this year and we can only be hopeful and be positive that we will be able to deal with the odds that will come our way as this month starts. So much to do around here, but we look forward to some brighter and more exciting days ahead!

May you all have a nice start of the month!
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